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Ad Augusta Term 3 September 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians

We are at an important time of the year. I write this as students are sitting our own school’s examinations, options choices for next year are being handed in and enrolments are well underway.  As a school we have been attempting to provide as much information to you as parents, and to your students, as we all look to support the decisions and study patterns of our students.  We have been delighted with the very strong turn out to the morning tea sessions, offered again in a second round this term.  Along with various information evenings and individual conversations we remain committed to supporting you and your students at this important time of the year.  If you do have any questions and are not sure who to contact, please send an email  and I will be happy to respond, or delegate this to someone who can assist you best.
In discussing NCEA, NZQA have released an “NCEA App”.  It is a free app and is worth a look if you would like some general information about this qualification. International Baccalaureate information is available on www.ibo.org.  Both qualifications are well described on our own school website as well.  Enrolments for 2015 continue to land at the school as parents and their students seek positions at Takapuna Grammar School.  While we remain committed to in-zone enrolments I am also reluctant to split up families so have been looking at ways we can enable the siblings of out-of -zone students and the children of staff to be able to enrol at Takapuna Grammar School.  To enable this we have opened up 15 places for those dynamics through the priorities of balloting for out of zone places.  In this way we hope to allow families with students already at the school to be able to send their younger children to the same school as the older siblings.  At this stage enrolments have arrived very early and the school is already very full for 2015.
The progress of the building programmes continues.  The Science Facility Development is progressing ahead of schedule and it looks as if we will be able to move in to this precinct sooner than originally planned.  Brosnan Construction is the main contractor and has been serving the school well.  We will be moving in early January now, in readiness for the start of the 2015 academic year.  The main building continues to undergo further assessments.  We expect a full report in the next week and from there the detailed remedies will be determined.  During this process, as early as December, the successful tenderer will be engaged in both the assessment solution and the remedial works.  There is a possibility, with the Science Development ahead of schedule, that we may be able to address both the decanted western wing and the northern wing of the main building concurrently, as the school has the available space to house all classes.  This will shorten up the time frames on the project significantly.  I will update you as decisions about this possibility are secured.
I wish you all well for the balance of this term and encourage you to contact the school if we can assist you through these demanding times in any way.
Simon Lamb
Please contact the school if you have any concerns of questions.
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