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Ad Augusta Term 1 February 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians

We are delighted to be here at school, to welcome the students back after a long hot summer break. As we return to all the routines we have a number of events to celebrate.
Firstly, the NCEA results have been exceptional. Broad figures show that as many as 67% of students have gained Merit and Excellence grades with over 85% gaining Achieved grades or better. As the term progresses we will be pleased to provide further detail and analysis for you. We still await the Scholarship results which are to be published by NZQA in the middle of February.
You will be aware that we had our first International Baccalaureate Diploma cohort sit the International Baccalaureate examinations, in November. I am delighted to report that 100% of students gained the Diploma. The top three marks for Takapuna Grammar School were (out of 45): 43, 42 and 40 placing the school in the top three schools in New Zealand. The average for Takapuna Grammar School was 34 the same average for New Zealand which, as a country, performs very well internationally in the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Given the range of abilities in the group, we are delighted that all gained the diploma and gained access to universities world-wide. Again, I will be happy to provide further detail and analysis for you as this term progresses.
Staff returned to two new completed complexes; a new Science precinct housing all staff and students in Physics, Biology and Chemistry as well as a new Food Technology space housing a new commercial kitchen. This commercial kitchen is adjacent to the existing domestic kitchen. These are exciting additions to the plant, ones which students will be able to appreciate and learn in straight away. The completion of these facilities paves the way for the Main Block work which begins early this year. I will be happy to update you about that project in future newsletters.
As you are aware, we have been attempting to limit the roll growth through the provision of the zoned environment for state schools in New Zealand. Despite taking in zone enrolment only, we still have over 100 students arriving new to Takapuna Grammar School, beyond what we expected. Many families are moving in to our zone to secure their place at Takapuna Grammar School, many making considerable sacrifice to do so. At the time of writing we have 1750 students enrolled. The important business at this stage of the year is to balance the classes and to ensure every student is placed accurately in to the subject choices they have made.
We welcomed, particularly, the new students at Year 9 level, an enthusiastic and apprehensive group of young people. We look forward to assisting them as they settle in to the school. If you have any questions, as parents, through this process and beyond and are unsure how to make contact, please send an email to me at principal@takapuna.school.nz. I will be able to address these questions directly or distribute them to those who have the greatest expertise to assist you.
I wish you all well for the year ahead and look forward to furthering the education of your children.
Simon Lamb
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