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Ad Augusta Term 3 August 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians

Now in Term 3, senior students are focussed on internal assessments, the school examinations and the run to the end of the academic year. It is hard to believe that these students are in their last 10 school weeks of the academic year.
In terms of enrolments for next year, we have 30 out-of-zone places available, at Year 9 only, for 2016.  We are trying to manage the roll as pressure for places at Takapuna Grammar School remains. With a larger cohort departing from Year 13 this year, we have been able to make available these 30 places at Year 9. Many parents continue to purchase property in the local area to secure their child’s place at Takapuna Grammar School. The ballot will take place on the 9th September with applications for this process closing on the 2nd September.
As many are well aware, student involvement in sport and physical activity has a major influence on health and well-being and can be equally correlated to academic achievement and performance. Those skills and abilities acquired and learned on the sports field are easily transported to academic domains. In a time where change is the constant and notions of future employment opportunities are, at best, vague, the impact of physical activity and engagement remains perpetual. As mentioned in my last newsletter, I intend to keep you informed and updated about the ASPIRE initiative. With the support of community members, Takapuna Grammar School is seeking to ensure that every student is involved in a sport and/or physical activity. To this end the intention is encapsulated in the term ASPIRE. To achieve increased dynamics and involvement in sport the school is committed, internally, to developing its structures. Externally, the school is looking to include and involve more development and contribution, to the infrastructures of sport. From the outset, financial support, both internally and externally, is going to be an expected dynamic. You will begin to hear more of this initiative as time progresses in the context of growing further sport and the Performing Arts at Takapuna Grammar School. I look forward to updating you as this initiative develops.
At the time of writing, Takapuna Grammar School has hosted its inaugural Manaaki session. I have been impressed with the response from students, which ranges from rampant, enthusiasm to support for the idea despite the dynamic seeming strange and unusual. The potential of this initiative is well recognised by most and it is in this possibility that the power of mentoring can be realised. We look forward to updating you of this as Manaaki develops and intend to include parents in the Manaaki process so that you have access to and understanding of the programme and how it is impacting you son or daughter’s academic development at the school. As an initial idea, the PTA are keen to host a Manaaki Evening for parents which will feature a well-known speaker, Allison Mooney. Allison was the featured speaker at the Staff Manaaki Day held on the Queen’s Birthday Professional Development day. She articulates well the abilities and limitations of four personality styles with particular reference to parenting and supporting teenagers. Notions of communication, collaboration and conflict can be well supported by understandings in this arena. The date being suggested is the 27th of August and you are welcome to come to the school hall to gain, first hand a detailed explanation of the Manaaki project preceding a presentation from Allison. Her book, Pressing the Right Buttons, will also be for sale on the evening.
We were delighted to hold the naming ceremony for the new Science Department precinct at Takapuna Grammar School on Wednesday the 29th of July. This $2 million facility is operational and students have been appreciating the centralized space, specialist areas and classrooms which now hold the entire operation of the Sciences Department. We have named this building the Rowan Nicks Science Centre, after our very famous and entrepreneurial former student who revolutionised cardiac treatment as well as pioneered the development of the pace maker. It was a very special occasion for the school involving current and former staff members along with a large contingent from the extended family of Rowan Nicks.
We have been impressed by the large number of parents coming to our recent Enrolments Evenings, Senior Report Evening and Junior Report Evening. The Options Information Evening will be held on the 18th August from 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. in the School Hall. Your support for students and their learning is greatly appreciated by the school.
Please contact me if you have any questions or queries. I am available via email
Simon Lamb
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