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Ad Augusta Term 2 July 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians


Welcome to the end of Term 2 newsletter.

Over recent weeks we have continued our planning and preparations for the launch of the Manaaki Mentoring project. The staff appreciated a day together on the 29th of May and we gained a great deal from the day, which was completely focused on Mentoring. Our keynote speaker was Alison Mooney who delivered some very effective messages around ‘personalities’. The staff gained so much from this session that many suggested the parent community may be interested. Alison talked about the various personality styles, how they work and how one motivates and communicates with each style. This is very relevant to Manaaki Mentoring and I wonder if parents may find a presentation valuable. If so, please contact me on the email address below and I will make an approach to our PTA who may also be interested in hosting such an event.
We have engaged Jan Hill and Kay Hawk of the Education Group to research the implementation of Manaaki so that we can, firstly, gain feedback from various groups including students and secondly, make improvements and amendments. They have met with a number of students groups already and we have taken that feedback and made some improvements to the programme already. We have and will continue to talk to the students regularly about these changes as we draw to the end of this term.
There have been many major events around the school in the past few weeks, including, and not limited to, regular sport fixtures, televised rugby matches, the Big Sing, the Takapuna Grammar School Dance Evening and the newly introduced “Takafest”. These have all been great moments for the school and we greatly appreciate the range of student achievement we see on each occasion.
In terms of building development, we are awaiting Cabinet approval for the Main Building Development. This sits at approximately $27,000,000. We look forward to this consent coming through and then getting on with the work. This will begin with the eastern and northern wings of the Main Building as well as a new two-space Art Exhibition development, adjacent to the Sir Peter Blake Art Technology Centre. We are greatly appreciating the new Science precinct and look forward to a formal opening on the 29th of July. We are going to name this building after our past pupil, scientist Rowan Nicks. The building will be called “The Rowan Nicks Sciences Centre”. The event will involve staff, students, visitors and the family of Rowan Nicks. We look forward to this celebration of a great foundation pupil of Takapuna Grammar School.
You may be aware of ASPIRE, an innovation promoting sport at Takapuna Grammar School. It has arisen from a group of passionate parents and staff in seeking from our students a commitment to sport and physical activity. All who read this newsletter will understand the benefit sport and physical activity grants to teenagers. We would like to see every student at the school engaged in some form of sport and activity. We have launched this innovation recently with sporting staff and the whole staff of Takapuna Grammar School. Beyond this we will be promoting the notion with our students.
Essentially, ASPIRE is a strategy which aims to deliver on the outcomes mentioned above. What the school appreciates, greatly, is the commitment and involvement of our various parent, community and professional associations. We would like to celebrate this through ASPIRE but also enable further opportunities for our past pupils and wider community to support the intentions of the ASPIRE. This will include a school wide strategy and implementation. If you would like to know more about ASPIRE please click the link, http://www.takapuna.school.nz/sport/.
Please contact me at principal@takapuna.school.nz if there any issues, acknowledgements or points you’d like to make.
Simon Lamb
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