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Ad Augusta Term 3 August 2016

It has been a great start for me at Takapuna Grammar School. The powhiri was a warm welcome and a positive handover by the staff and students of Napier Girls’ High School who accompanied me for this special occasion. The hakas performed simultaneously by students from Napier Girls’ and Takapuna Grammar were powerful and added a real sense of honour and emotion, felt by all those attending.

The school has started Term 3 with a hiss and a roar as we move into the business end of the year. Students and staff are busy covering teaching and learning for externals alongside completing a raft of internal assessments. We appreciate parents working with us and you can assist your sons and daughters by encouraging them to map out the next few weeks and ensure deadlines are met and study programmes are in place. Staff are identifying students at risk of underachieving. A personalised plan will be put in place especially for those students with low numbers of credits.

The Manaaki focus for this term is about students connecting with their teacher and peers about where they are at currently with their learning and how they can lift their performance. We want all students to achieve their personal best academically each year, alongside developing as positive contributors to the community. Recent research indicates that many current jobs will disappear over the next period of time, some as soon as the next five years, as technology gets more sophisticated. We are preparing all our students to be academically capable and to have the human skills needed for their future careers.

The co-curricular programme at Takapuna Grammar School is as large and varied as I have ever seen. It is great to see so many students involved in activities they enjoy even if the weather makes these more challenging at times. We are all enjoying the Olympics and are very proud to see our three alumni there.

Open Evening, Junior Parent Night, Subject Information Evening, IB Information Meeting and the Mardi Gras have all been opportunities for families to come in and meet with us at the School. It has been great for me to meet some of you at these occasions, and around at other events in the community. With a new Board of Trustees and a new Principal it seems a good time to set a new strategic direction for the School for the next period of time. I have invited students interested in being involved with this to let my PA know. I also invite any parents to contact the School and I can arrange to meet with you to hear your ideas.

The school has recently been externally reviewed for the NZQA Managing National Assessment and is very pleased that a four year return time has been advised. This is an exceptional outcome as most schools are reviewed every three years. This signals a confidence in the systems of teaching and learning and assessment practices at Takapuna Grammar School and the diligence and professionalism of our Principal’s Nominee, Mary Hutton.

We have a lot to look forward to including the School’s 90th birthday in 2017. The celebration weekend is booked for Labour Weekend, Friday October 20 – Sunday October 22, so all those who wish to attend can save these dates. We expect this to be a wonderful occasion and to have other fun events throughout the year.


Mary Nixon


Takapuna Grammar School


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